Check out this new item from Urban Botanic...see below how you can have one for FREE!!

When you order your Signature Fragrance Collection in the month of September you will receive our Oil Warming Plate for FREE! This item is valued at $19.95. The oils you receive in your Fragrance Collection can now be used in your home. Simply add 2-3 drops of your favorite UB Perfume Oil to the Warming Plate, turn it on, and enjoy rich, inviting fragrance throughout your home. One bottle of UB Perfume Oil yields approximately 1200 burning hours.

Don't forget the Signature Fragrance Collection
comes with 6 oils and can be used on the oil warming plate and in the UB Bath Products. Create your own scent or make something for a friend. The ideas are endless....ENJOY!!

U.B.You Signature Fragrance Collections $89.95

For a better shopping experience, take our free Fragrance Personality Test first! Each of our Signature Fragrance Collections comes with 6 perfume oils and everything you need to create your own signature fragrances.

Each collection has over 44,000 different fragrance combinations so you're sure to create the perfect blend for you. Sample recipes are included to get your creative juices flowing.

Collections include one each of Parfum Spray, Nourishing Body Lotion, and Refreshing Shower Gel, but your perfume oils will last much longer than that, scenting up to 16 bottles of perfume! Also receive an ongoing preferred customer discount of 15% on all unscented product.

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