Did you know UB perfume oils make great mens colognes?

Don't be afraid to experiment with fruits and flowers for men's fragrances - just "darken" them a little with some Spicies or Woodsies and they can become grizzly enough for any man. Whether you're creating a fragrance for him or he's getting into the smelling and mixing himself, you're sure to come up with something great with a little experimentation. To help get your nose in gear, here are some Consultant recipes we think are great:

"Stripe for Men"
4 Naked
15 Sandalwood
7 Egyptian Musk

1 Frangipani
1 China Musk
1 Sandalwood

2 Fig
2 Brown Sugar
1 Maple Spice
1 Oakmoss

1 Green Tea
1 Water Lily
1 Sandalwood
1 Oakmoss
1 Bergamot
1 Lavender

2 China Musk
2 Lavender
1 Grapefruit
1 Mandarin

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